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Project proposal and Executive Summary


You have recently joined a company as a full-time employee. Your company uses Teradata for the data warehouse environment for all structured data needs. However, the Teradata environment has already surpassed 10 TB and the company does not intend to grow it beyond 15 TB. You also have a few business units asking for data playground (sandbox) areas for exploration and discovery needs. In addition, the company would like to analyze the weblogs from company’s website. The web logs are currently stored in tape and are approximately 40 TB in size.

Your company management is looking for ways to analyze the web logs and provide the users with a ‘data discovery environment, which should not in the Production Teradata environment. You are tasked to lead this effort and to come up with a proposal for the executives.

Your proposal should include the following:

- Future Technical architecture diagram and an executive summary (you can make some assumptions here)

- Use Hadoop as the targeting technical solution

- if new software to be purchased, include TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return on Investment) details for the next 5 years

- Compare different vendors for the software and make recommendations of which vendor should be selected and why (provide licensing and support cost if possible)

- Include cost benefits/Savings for next 5 years if your proposal is implemented

- Hardware needed for the proposed solution; provide cost details and propose if the new architecture should be on premise or in cloud


1.  Please keep the audience (executives) in mind when creating these documents.

2. You must provide details of your data sources and links in a document or as a slide.

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