Project Risk Breakdown Structure



Week 3: Project Risk Breakdown Structure
For your third Course Project milestone, develop a risk breakdown structure.
To do this, use the Week 3 Course Project Assignment Template (PROJ420_W3_AssignmentTemplate.docx) in Doc Sharing.
In order to keep the RBS manageable, identify 10 risks from your project to be included in your RBS.
Can you please make sure this one is done right? This is what he said about the last assignment you helped me with. "You scored 5 out of 20 points on the Project Sizing section. The requirement for this section was to use the project scoping tool (which can also be found in the course textbook) to size your project. The criterion score for each of the parameter are summed up to arrive at an overall project score (Hillson and Simon, 2012, pp.224-225). Please have a column to show the value for each criterion. Then sum it up. You did not meet this requirement. See comments Sections on page 2. Also, you failed to include the size of the project e.g., small, medium, or large."

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