provide insight into chosen industry, where it came from and where it appears to be going. It may include:





The Project will be Marked based on 3 aspects keeping The in reference with The SCM225 course Evaluation.


Students are required to use the following format and choose one company related to supply chain management to complete the project.



Chapter 1: Introduction (2400 WORDS)

1.1 Industry Profile – provide insight into chosen industry, where it came from and where it appears to be going. It may include:

• industry leaders and the financial data for the same


(Create charts and graphs to show industry trends)

1.2 Company Profile – an overview of the company, its current position and future goals. It may also include:

                     • History of Company

                     • Product Profile

                     • SWOT Analysis

                     • Competitors

                     • Stakeholder Analysis


1.3 Objectives of Project – it involves determining a list of specific project goals, functions.

1.4 Scope of Supply Chain Practices in Industry – provide the recent trends

1.5 Importance of study – reasons of choosing the specific topic and how this topic will help benefit the reader in future.

1.6 Research Methodology- define the techniques to identify, select and analyze the data gathered.


Chapter 2: Conceptual Framework of Supply Chain Management ( 3200 WORDS)


Conceptual framework provides foundational knowledge about the problem area. It educates the researcher about what studies have been conducted in the past and the conclusions in the problem area.

2.1 Supply Chain Management Strategy – specify the movement of products and services from suppliers to distributors.

2.2 Legal, regulatory and contractual obligations- Ensure supply chain activities and transactions are compliant with industry and organization standards and policies for quality, health, safety, accountability, social and environmental responsibility.

2.3 PESTEL Analysis- Monitor trends, emerging technologies, local and global, economic, political and environmental issues to enhance supply chain performance and guide management decisions.

Chapter 3: Analysis and Evaluation of Supply Chain Task

3.1 Inventory Management Strategies

3.2 Application of Six Sigma, Just In Time, Kanban System, and Lean Production

3.3 Analysis of Information System (Applications and Software)

Chapter 4: Findings, Suggestions and Conclusion –

4.1: Findings

4.2: Suggestions

4.3: Conclusion



Reflective summary of the whole project in 2400 words.


Make One PPt of the project


AVOID PLAGIARISM- A Grade “zero” will be awarded if work plagiarized.



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