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Python Programming Introduction 

You will follow an outline to create a simplified version of Yahtzee where the computer and a player compete. You may work with one other person in the class, but only if you both work equally on it. Requirements 

• Download and open in Wing 

• Write code according to the outlined comments shown in No credit given if the outline is not followed. Note: The comments serve as instructions, so they are worded a bit differently than how a programmer might write them. 

• You are required to follow the coding style guidelines presented thus far in the notes. However, no additional comments are needed other than your name as the author. 

• For this simplified version of Yahtzee, only 3 dice are rolled and points are earned for a Yahtzee (all 3 dice have the same value); two of a kind (2 of the 3 dice have the same values); and chance (all dice values are different). The points earned for each roll are tallied onto running totals for both the player and the computer.

 • 50 points are earned for a Yahtzee, 25 points for two of a kind, and the sum of all three dice are earned for chance. Note that you will need to create “named constants” for numbers other than 0, 1, or 2 that are used in your program. For example, if a Yahtzee is earned, don’t add on 50, but rather add a named constant such as YAHTZEE_POINTS that stores the value of 50 (e.g. totalPoints += YAHTZEE_POINTS). You will also need a named constant for two of a kind and the number of dice sides. No other named constant is needed.

 • The game concludes when the user enters a letter other than “Y” or “y” when prompted if they want to roll again 

• Output must match exactly the output shown below; however, your numbers will differ. 

• If you wanted to run the program with different point totals for Yahtzee and two of a kind, the program should run correctly by only changing the values stored for those two constants. No other program changes would need to be made. 

• Note: This is the first of two projects this semester. On projects I don’t give direct helpful hints like I do on labs. I do provide clarification as needed, and I can always further explain notes that may pertain to the project. 

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