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1. Find an appropriate text to redesign (feel free to consult the professional from project 1). If you have a hard time finding a text that needs improvement, consider redesigning it for a different audience. 

 2. Redesign the text by applying design principles. You can use Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or any other software program that you feel will help you achieve the task in a professional manner. 

 3. Include one chart, graph or table that helps the reader visually understand a concept from the text OR, if there is nothing worth converting to a chart, graph, or table, find another technical document related to your profession/major that you can convert. 

 4. Write a 1-2 page single-spaced memo in which you discuss your redesign and describe why you made the changes that you did. Make sure to explain what the intended effects are of your redesign choices, and make sure to link this to purpose and audience. You MUST use terminology from the book and from lecture. Also, make sure to explain the chart, graph, or table. IF it is unrelated to your redesign, then take the time to explain (in a short paragraph) the intended purpose, audience, and strategies used. 5. turn in the following: 1) the Memo, 2) the original design (so I can see the text you chose to redesign), 3) the Redesign, 4) The Chart, Graph, or Table (if it isn't included in the redesign).

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