Report of Business Canvas Model Development



Written  Report  of  Business  Canvas  Model  Development



An enterprise in this context is about the willingness of an individual or organization to take risks, show initiative and 'make things happen', undertake new ventures or improve aspects of the existing organizations.


In this coursework, you will need to develop and analyze a business model of a new venture from any selected entrepreneurial business of your choice. You may refer to the Business Model Canvas Guidelines attached in Appendix B.


Your choice of products / service could be derived from ANY ONE of the current business trends in the market as follows:


(i)              Wearable Trend   –   Augmented reality (Google Glass) ,  body monitoring (Fitbit) ,  point of view (GoPro) etc.

(ii)            Green Trend   –   (energy efficiency and storage, software, e-commerce, and electronics components, hybrid energy storage) etc.

(iii)          Payments   –   (services for lending money {} ,  billing and accounting services, new currency designed to reduce fraud such as Bitcoin or entire ecosystem around financial fraud detection and mitigation) etc.

(iv)          Maker Trend   –   (3D printing products, do it yourself (DIY) , robotics) etc.

(v)            Mobile Trend   –   (tablets, smart phones, smart watches, handheld gaming consoles) etc.

(vi)          Health Trend   –   (cosmetics procedures, ‘brain gym ‘of Vibrant brains, personal health portals, point of care testing facilities, fitness centers, convenient care clinics, wellness coaches, fitness toys such as Fit Flops and Wii Fit peripherals) etc.

(vii)        The Internet of Things   –   (using Wifi transmitter such as ‘Smart’ devices).


**   Note:     The above examples given are the guidance for you to kick start on the written report. You may also come up with other examples of your product / service choice in relation to the trends mentioned above.


Written Report Outline:   A Business Model Canvas is to discuss on the proposed business idea.


v     Partners.

v     Key Activities.

v     Key Resources.

v     Value Proposition.

v     Customer Relationship.

v     Channels.

v     Customer Segmentation.

v     Costs.

v     Revenue.

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