Servant Leadership



Choose one of the Leadership Models (pages 18-26)

Briefly explain the model

Explain how this model would work in a healthcare setting

The assignment should be one page in length

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Servant Leadership

In this article, I can choose one of the leadership models is Servant Leadership Model.

The servant-leader is worker first. It starts with the natural feeling that one needs to serve, to help

first." - Robert K. Greenleaf. Servant leadership is a rationality and set of practices that enhances

the lives of people, assembles better associations and at last makes an all the more just and

mining world. Servant leadership applies this idea to top organization's capacity to lead,

recognizing that a human services pioneer is to a great extent propelled by a craving to serve

others. This authority display breaks down the average authoritative chain of importance and

pronounces the conviction of building a group inside an association in which everybody adds to

the most prominent whole (Sharon Bell Buchbinder, 2011)

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