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 This paper should be 1500 paper, sources to be used are included below and

these should be used.

 Incorporate APA style in-text citations for all material from your sources 

 Add a list of references using correct APA style, listing only sources you actually

reference in your writing 

My Topic:

How does personal information being depicted (portrayed) online (addresses, phone

numbers, etc.) on both social media and internet search engines impact criminal acts?

Source 1: Online Privacy Practices: Advances in China


Stanaland, Andrea J.S., & Lwin, May O. (2013). Online privacy practices: Advances in

China. Journal of International Business Research, 12(2), 33.

Source 2:

The spectrum of Cyber threats & Available Control Mechanisms

Vikram Mangla, Dr.S.N.Panda. (2013). The spectrum of Cyber threats & Available Control

Mechanisms. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering &

Technology (IJARCET), 2(4), 1439-1447.

Source 3:

Fawzia Cassim. (2015). Protecting Personal Information in the Era of Identity Theft: Just

How Safe is Our Personal Information from Identity Thieves? Potchefstroom Electronic

Law Journal, 18(2), 68-110.

Source 4:

Meanings that Hackers Assign to their Being a Hacker

Orly Turgeman-Goldschmidt. (2008). Meanings that Hackers Assign to their Being a

Hacker. International Journal of Cyber Criminology, Vol 2 (2): 382–396

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