Student need help for this DB Instructions should be read carefully. Are you Assigned to this Group? Everyone participates in the "Current Events Conversations

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Student need help for this DB Instructions should be read carefully. Are you Assigned to this Group? Everyone participates in the "Current Events Conversations". Writing Your Response: Current Events Conversations" are slightly less formal than your Group Debates. Students still need to use proper grammar and writing techniques. Responses should be complete, well thought out, and presented in a logical manner.

 A minimum of two paragraphs are required for this initial posting. You are not required to support your post with references, but you are encouraged to include images, graphics, links to videos, and so on to create a more dynamic submission. Your initial post should be submitted early so that response comments can be posted by the session deadline. Responding to Peers: Please be certain to read and comment on two other classmates' posts. Your comments should address something specific from your peer's post. Note: Brief responses like “I agree” or “I disagree” will receive no credit. Topic of Conversation: Light Pollution, or “Bring back the stars!” For this discussion, you’ll need to first watch the documentary “The City Dark” at the following link: (approximately 55 minutes long) Then make a Star Wheel using this link: Go outside with your Star Wheel one evening (when it is not cloudy) and make note of how many stars you SHOULD be able to see and how many you ACTUALLY see.

 (If you have time, go to a rural area (if you live in the city) or a city area (if you live in a rural area) and repeat for comparison.) In your initial two paragraph post, comment on the following questions: Approximately what percentage of the stars you SHOULD be able to see (as indicated by your Star Wheel) COULD you actually see? If you did the comparison in a different location (rural vs. city), what did you observe there?

 Have you ever experienced the night sky without light pollution? If so, tell us about that experience. The documentary brings up interesting studies about light and biological implications for sea turtles, birds, fireflies, and humans. What are your thoughts about “disruption of habitat”? The city of Bar Harbor is featured for their ordinance against light pollution. Do you feel legislation is necessary? What responsibility do lawmakers have and what responsibility do individuals have? How does safety play a part in these decisions?

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