Students will develop their own research study for an applied business problem of their choosing.



Final Project

Students will develop their own research study for an applied business problem of their choosing. Students will write a paper that describes a) the problem and why research is needed, b) proposed methods of collecting measures and data, c) the statistical tests that should be performed to analyze the data, d) the predicted results of the study, and e) the study’s implications. The paper should include at least 1 citation using APA format.

Formatting: Double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font

Submit as PDF or DOC

A) Choose a business problem and explain why research is needed

-          This problem can be one that you are experiencing right now in your current place of employment, or you can use another company or entity. The problem can be one that is anecdotal. You'll want to explain why this is a problem, and why research is needed. 

-          Here are some examples of problems:

- Sacramento County Planning and Environmental Review is seeking to change their work schedule structure. They are interested in determining if their employees are more productive with the 9-5 work schedule or with a more flexible work schedule in which employees are not required to come into the office during certain times. 

- MAC'd, a new restaurant in San Francisco, is interested in starting a rewards program for their customers (e.g. Buy 10 bowls, get 1 free). They want to know if current customers would be interested in a rewards program.

- RIZE, a new 24 hour gym in Amarillo, is interested in seeing how many customers work out from the hours of 12am - 6am and wants to know if it is cost effective to employ a night employee during these hours. 


B) Describe the proposed method of collecting data

-          What are your variables of interest? 

-          How have you operationally defined these variables?

-          What is your sample size?

-          How would you go about collecting data to analyze your problem?  Take a survey? Observational study? Experiment? Describe this process.

C) Describe what statistical tests you would use to analyze the data

-          Why did you choose this statistical test?

-          What are your null and alternative hypotheses?

-          If your data is qualitative, how would you transform it into quantitative data?

-          Types of Tests:

-          One sample hypothesis testing

-          Two sample tests

-          One way ANOVA

-          Simple Linear Regression

-          Tests not covered in this course but can be used: Chi-square, multiple regression


D) Describe your predicted results

-          Depending on the type of statistical test you choose, what coefficients should you interpret (e.g. p-value less than .05, positive/negative slope).

-          What do these numbers mean?

E) Discuss the study’s implications

-          If your results turn out as predicted, what does this mean for the company? What if they do not turn out as predicted?

-          What are the weaknesses and strengths of this study?

While there is no required minimum, your paper should be about 2.5 - 3 pages double spaced in order to cover all the components sufficiently. 

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