Study of Mexican American students and their environments in relationship to their happiness.



Human Diversity in Development 

 Ecological Circumstances that affect development 

 Study of Mexican American students and their environments in relationship to their happiness. 

 The sociocultural perspective and human diversity. 

 Naturalistic observations in children of different cultures 

 Ethnic differences in the in chromosomal and genetic disorders 

 Ethnic differences in the incident of bearing fraternal twins 

 Cross-cultural differences in using a doula during delivery 

 Maternal and infant mortality around the world 

 Socioeconomic status and nutrition 

 Differences in preference for breast feeding 

 Ethnic differences in infant capacity to walk 

 Differences in babbling across cultures 

 Two-word sentence development across different languages 

 Low income families and levels of child attachment

  Attachment of Ugandan and Scottish infants 

 Social deprivation in Guatemalan tribe 

 Stranger anxiety across cultures 

 Gender differences in personality 

 Cultural differences in rough-and-tumble play 

 Gender differences in motor activity 

 Cultural differences in perception of handedness 

 Ethnicity and immunization 

 Differences in accidental death rate 

 Cross cultural differences in sleeping arrangements 

 Development of concepts of ethnicity and race

 Cross-cultural differences in effects of parental styles 

 Cultural and gender differences in authoritarian parenting effects of children 

 Individualism, collectivism, and patterns of child rearing. 

 Fathers in America 

 Ethnic difference in presence of a father

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