summarizes your sales strategy and approach as a new salesperson for a hypothetical boss



Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your sales strategy and approach as a new salesperson for a hypothetical boss, using an example product of your choice. Explain the process and steps you would follow, as well as the information you would use. The goal is to demonstrate that you understand the consultative selling process. In your presentation, use 2–4 slides to address each of the following main components of the sales presentation. Clearly organize your information in order to highlight key components. Include an introduction slide, a conclusion slide, and a references slide in your presentation. Components of the Sales Presentation Orienting: Describe the product or service. Describe the target customer and provide a profile. Define a qualified prospect. 

Describe the qualification process. Prospecting and communication: Describe the prospecting methods you would use. Describe ways to achieve good social contact. Describe methods for achieving good business contacts. Describe a typical sales cycle (how many calls?). Presentation preparation: Would you use a demonstration, a presentation, or both? Determine the sales approach. Should it be a team approach or an individual sales approach? Explain why. Describe the functions of those involved. Give the location of the presentation. Explain what equipment and supporting collateral would be used

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