“Supervisor-Subordinate Communication: Hierarchical Mum Effect Meets Organizational Learning”



Read the following articles:

1.      “Supervisor-Subordinate Communication: Hierarchical Mum Effect Meets Organizational   Learning”

2.      “Optimizing Employee Engagement With Internal Communication: A Social Exchange Perspective”

3.      "Supervisor–Subordinate Communication Competence and Job and Communication Satisfaction"

For each of the three articles, compose a summary and analysis of 400-500 words regarding the communication between supervisors and subordinates in the workplace by doing the following:

1.      Summarize the communication issue(s) between the supervisor(s) and subordinate(s)

2.      Explain what research indicates as the optimal communication practices for the contexts in the articles. Explain if these practices are occurring.

3.      Explain whether or not the optimal communication practices described in the research align with your experience with communication between superior and subordinates.


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