Systems Analysis and Development Group Project Details

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Systems Analysis and Development Group Project Details (Case: Dr n Teq Technology Company) Following are the sections a-j you will complete for each chapter in the Dennis et al. textbook (7th edition) to include them in your documentation. You will create a folder and organize all the sections by chapters. Include the name of the group member assigned to each element of the project. The whole group will be responsible for overall project elements. The scores of the group members may vary depending upon the evaluations by other group members and the amount of contribution made to the group project. (Groups grading will be assessed competitively so show your best! Consult me if you have any question(s). 1. Read the Dr n Teq technology company case in all the chapter we cover in the class. Go over the concepts in each chapter and create report to discuss the basic understanding of concepts as they are applied to Dr n Teq and in order to manage a project. Note: Your discussion should be in the context of the Dr n Teq company. The description of the company starts on page 16 of the first chapter. For each chapter create the following using the Visible Analyst software: a. System Request-Client Services Project as per Figure 1-5 b. Develop the Feasibility Analysis Report For the Dr n Teq (After reading the concepts) as shown in the Figure 1-15. c. Follow the discussion on page 66-70 (After reading the preceding sections in the chapter) develop a Gantt Chart, the Staffing plan and the project charter as per the Figures 2-23, 2-24 and 2-25 respectively on pages 67-70. d. Follow the discussion on pages 116-119 complete the Dr n Teq requirements definition as per Figure 3-13 followed by the outline of the Dr n Teq system proposal as per Figure 3-14. e. Identify the major Use Cases and elaborate on the Use Cases as per pages 144-149. (Refer to Figure 4-13) f. Develop the complete process model (Data-Flow Diagram) for the Dr n Teq as per the discussion on pages 176-181 (Refer to Figures 5-15 to 5-20) g. Develop the E-R model for the Dr n Teq company as per the discussion on pages 201-205 (Refer to Figures 6-12 to 6-14) h. Create Figure 7-7 as shown on page 237 for the Dr n Teq. i. Create Figure 8-12 as shown on page 263 for the Dr n Teq. j. Develop the interface similar to Figure 9-29 on page 312. You may provide the discussion about how you arrive at the Figure 9-29 in your report and during the Group Project Presentations. 2. After completing the above sections arrange them in order and put in the folder by sections a-j. 3. Develop a PowerPoint presentation of the Group Project – the format is up to you to determine. Make sure to introduce each group member and their contribution to the group project. Each member is required to present the project. The dates for the final project submission will be determined during the next two weeks. In the mean time start compiling the sections a-j as you complete each section. 4. FINAL GROUP PRESENTATION – One week before the FINAL EXAM. NOTE: You must read each chapter completely before applying concepts learned for the Group Project for each section a-j.

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