Coursework Assignment Brief: This assignment comprises of two components

computer science



Coursework Assignment Brief


Academic year and term:

2018/19 – Semester-1, Year 2

Module title:

Web Application Security

Module code:


Module Convener:

Dr. Muhammad Ali Kazmi       

Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme level meeting

On successful completion of this module students will be able to

1.       Develop dynamic web pages for practical business purposes using server-side technologies.

2.       Critically evaluate and compare web server-side technologies and their deployment.

3.       Identify and test common security threats associated with PHP.

4.       Demonstrate implementation of usability and accessibility standards in designing of dynamic website.

5.       Design and test web database systems with clear justification of the design route taken.


Type of assessment:     

Design and develop Source Code, Evaluation report

Assessment deadline:

Both Design and Develop Source Code and Evaluation report should be submitted via Turnitin.

Part A submission on 12/07/2019 (no later than 2pm).

Part B submission on 09/08/2019 (no later than 2pm).



Assignment Tasks


This assignment comprises of two components: Part A is the design and development of a database driven website for a gym (worth 60% of the total marks of the assignment), and Part B is an evaluation report of 1000 words consisting of reflective commentary on Part A (worth 40% of the total marks of the assignment). Both components are one piece of work and will assess all the module learning outcomes.  




Part A

You are progressing well as a junior web developer for a leading communications firm BizTech Ltd. An opportunity has arisen for you to work for a small client company known as Wellness4All. The client is UK based gym providing various services to its customers such as sports services and personal training. The activities include swimming pool, indoor running tracks, tennis, football and boxing. To be competitive and remain at cutting edge, Wellness4All intends to launch their business online. The aim of this new website is to offer their customers convenience, more control and speedy signup for their services to avoid manual administrative tasks and long queues at their counters. Although the claim is to improve the customer services, however it is obvious that it will also help the company to save massive cost and remain ahead in tough market competition.

The client (Wellness4All) will use the website to project their presence and the services they offer. The client will also use the website as a contact tool with their customers. The website should be simple to use and must consider customer experience when designing and developing this website. During the first phase of website design and development, you will design a front-end website using suitable design tools and technologies such as Adobe brackets or Sublime text-2 and HTML, CSS, JavaScript on client side and PHP, MySQL on the server side. Merchant payment integration will be done during second phase and will not be in the scope of current work. 

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