QUESTION 1 (42 marks)

 You are hired as a consultant by a new bank, Bank PQR. You are required to give an overview on the customers banking habits within a short period. You decided to randomly select 60 customers from the dataset of 120 customers (excel file as provided). Below are the variables that are applicable in your study: 

Question 2 (32 marks)

 By using the same 60 data selected for Question 1, carry out the following correlation and regression analysis using the data on account balance and the number of cash deposit made through the ATM.

Question 3 (18 marks)

 As a manager, you have now decided to carry out the study in a greater scale. The banking habits of 500 randomly selected customers have been summarized in the following contingency table: 

Question 4 (8 marks) 

By referring to the second excel data file (data Q4 grp assign), create a probability distribution for the number of bedrooms. Compute the mean and standard deviation of this distribution.

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