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Assignment : Mentoring 

Read the article on Mentoring (R18), which I uploaded it fir you. Review your past experiences and think of someone you feel acted as your mentor. Ideally, your mentor should be someone who helped you with your career or educational plans. Answer the following questions: Who was the mentor? How did the relationship start? What did the relationship provide to you? What did the mentor get out of the relationship? Were there any difficulties that cropped up during the relationship or when it ended?Repeat the above with two friends. Ask them about their mentoring relationship (use the above questions). 

Again, try and choose people who have had an organizational mentor (i.e. someone who helped with the person’s career and worked in the same organization). Probe to get detailed answers. For example, if the relationship started while the protégé was a student and the mentor was a teacher, ask why exactly the mentor chose to mentor the protégé.Now, compare your mentoring experience with that of your friends'. What are the differences/similarities? Can you see any patterns? Can you relate the findings to anything discussed in the readings for this section of the course?Comments on the assignment: Provide a summary of the responses as the introduction. The do your analysis of the results: What have you learned from doing this exercise? Think about the implications for you as a woman/man, a potential employee, etc.; also try to relate it to any of the text/CR material that we have gone through.Finally, based on this exercise and the reading, if you are/were in an organizational setting and wanted a mentor, what steps would you take to find a mentor? What have you learned from doing this assignment? This section is important!The Report: (6 pages, double-spaced, typed)

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