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Informative Speech Help! I need a one of a kind informative speech written by the end of the week. I have to record two speeches by mid week next week and I only have time to write one. I will add tip if well written and leave a good review. I will have all the information below on what I need. I'm also attaching the outline I need done and the grading rubric. 

Assignment Overview

The purpose of this speech is to inform. When a manager at Wal-Mart trains the new employees, when a nurse reviews a treatment plan with a patient, when a scientist explains a new theory, he or she is speaking informatively. Informing is really about an opportunity to teach someone an idea, attitude, perspective or nuance of a topic you care about.

This speech is worth 100 points, the outline 50, and the works cited page 25.

For this assignment, deliver a 5-7 minute speech, making sure it meets the requirements under "Topic Selection" below. No matter what your topic, it will require at least three quality sources. Each of these sources needs to be cited orally during your speech. You also need to make sure your sources are included on your works cited page.


  • The delivery goal is to employ an extemporaneous speaking style.  If you read your speech you will fail.  If you present a memorized speech you will score poorly.
  • You may choose to use visual aids.  If you choose to do so, make sure you review your textbook chapters on using visual aids. 
  • It should not be a process speech. Avoid topics such as "how to change your oil," or "how to bake brownies." Choose a topic in which you are interested.
  • Your topic should be researchable. Choose a topic in which you are interested, but that will require you to do research to learn more about it. A minimum of three quality sources are required for this speech. Each source must be cited orally during  your speech as well as appear on you MLA-formatted Works Cited page.
  • Always keep your audience in mind.If they already know the information you are sharing, they will be bored.  Be sure to challenge your audience by providing new information.
  • Your narrowed topic must fit comfortably within the time requirements. If you are struggling to develop content, consider expanding your topic. If you are struggling to fit your speech into the time restrain, consider narrowing your topic. Remember that time deductions may apply for going over or under time.

Topic Selection

When selecting a topic, make sure it meets the following guidelines:

Instruction Files

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