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computer science


A-From the first e-Activity, analyze the company’s overall Web presence using the objectives listed in Chapter 3 of the textbook. (This is the same company you used as an example for the first web activity) Be sure to be specific in your discussion of the objectives. Explain areas in which the company is excelling and where improvement is needed. Be sure to include a link to the website in case someone wants to take a look at your site. B-Suggest strategies which would improve the firm’s Web presence, thus increasing overall business. Be specific as to the improvements you would suggest in improving the overall quality for your company's web presence and explain why you feel these improvements will improve the site. A-From the second e-Activity, explain your reasoning why the Website has poor usability. Propose suggestions on how the company could improve Website usability. There are so many examples of poor websites out there. Be sure to include the link to the site you choose so we can take a look at it as to your evaluation of it and the suggestions you are making. B-Pick any organization. Then, create a list of four criteria that would make its Website useful to users. Note: this is not about evaluating an existing Website; rather this is about thinking about an organizations Website design.

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