The Laboratory Tasks are designed to help you build your code solution for the corresponding test.



Overview: Laboratory Exercise 2 consists of two sets of Laboratory Tasks (defined in this document) and one Laboratory Test (Laboratory Test 2). The Laboratory Tasks are designed to help you build your code solution for the corresponding test. Part A is designed to be completed in week 5, whereas, Part B should be completed in week 6. Your combined report for Part A (worth 4%) and Part B (worth 4%), as well as your Laboratory Test 2 submission (worth 8%) are due in week 7 via Canvas.  The total combined value for Laboratory Exercise 2 is 16% of your final mark for EEET2246.


Please use the Collaborate Ultra Laboratory sessions as Q & A to work through the tasks. Your laboratory tutor will not mark any work during these sessions and will be available online during this time to answer questions and provide assistance.

Assessment: There are two types of tasks – explanation‐ and code‐based. Explanation questions require you to provide a written descriptive answer or screen capture based on the question in your report. These types of questions will have a heading of Explanation based. Code‐based means you will need to submit a working standalone *.cpp file. This type of question can be identified by the heading Code Submission. The submitted *.cpp files must be fully functional and compile without modification to achieve full marks. Each question that is marked as “Code Submission” requires a separate .cpp file to be submitted. The naming convention is as follows: ‘s1234567_week5_6_question_PartAx.cpp’, where s1234567 is your student number and question_PartAx corresponds to the actual question you are answering. Please do not submit all tasks in one .cpp file. Note: Some tasks will not attract any marks at all. These tasks are either introductory or bridging tasks to assist in your understanding of the topic. The report only needs to provide the required diagrams and text to inform the assessor what the required inputs are and the expected output of the code. Text explanations should be kept to a minimum and it is suggested to use dot points where possible. The report should use the same question number referencing as this document so that it is clear which answers are for what task questions. Note: All tasks are marked on a scale, however if code is not submitted for a given task (when required) or if it does not compile you will not score marks for that item. 

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