The Maddest Men of All article assignment

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Listen to the Freakonomics Podcast episode titled “The Maddest Men of All” and answer the following questions. The podcast is available for download below.

  1. What reason did Mr. Sutherland give for why advertising would not be needed in a perfect economic state? Do you agree with that reason? Why or why not?
  2. What were the strategies used to retain callers in the News UK’s call center? Why were these strategies useful?
  3. Why is a loss aversion such a powerful technique?
  4. According to the podcast, why would someone choose a product from a famous brand over one that is not? Do you agree with the reasoning?
  5. What was the number one factor in determining longevity and a place of employment? Why is it so important?
  6. What are the two kinds of thinking? What's the major difference between them? 
  7. What does Mr. Sutherland believe should be done instead of building a high-speed railway in the UK? Why? 

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