The OUTLINE submitted (should be the first page of submission document) is for YOUR Essay—it is NOT the Reverse Outline of Herschend’s article.



“Rap Takes A Bum Rap” ESSAY


500 word Persuasive Essay and typed OUTLINE—with two major objectives:

  1. Identify the main point of this article and discuss its supporting evidence.
  2. Also discuss your opinion on the topic. Make sure to include your own thesis statement (main point) and supporting evidence.


  • The OUTLINE submitted (should be the first page of submission document) is for YOUR Essay—it is NOT the Reverse Outline of Herschend’s article.
  • Make sure you state the purpose in the Intro of your essay, following the directions included in the Outline template (in Modules). Consult the file named "OUTLINES (Rap)" in Modules for more info on Outlines.
  • CONTEXT (in Intro)—Remember that your audience for academic writing is always the uninformed public; this means that the “important relevant background info” must include/describe the source materials (text) that your essay is dealing with.
  • Within the Body of your essay you must include text evidence from Herschend.
  • The supporting evidence for your thesis must come from outside research, NOT from Herschend’s article. 
  • Be sure to cite all sources/quotes using MLA format. If you are unsure about the details, refer to the OWL link provided in the Syllabus.

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