The paper describe about the public traded company named Amazon. Amazon aids four client’s types, comprising enterprises, end users, sellers, as well as content makers.




The paper describe about the public traded company named Amazon. Amazon aids four client’s types, comprising enterprises, end users, sellers, as well as content makers. Amazon Web Service offers technical infrastructure that can be used through enterprises fluctuating in business and size focus. Amazon has intended its trade website to be customer-friendly through offering low values, a broad selection, and ease of site usage, along with the convenience to effectively meet all of its customers’ requirements in a computer-generated store. The Amazon site also hosts services and products from a diversity of venders, who appreciate the aids of Amazon brand. This permits them to grasp a much bigger client base than they could grasp on their own. Independent authors and publishers are assumed a 70% royals option once they select to sell their books in Kindle store. 

Amazon is a foremost e-commerce product along with a leading player in cloud business. It is a customer-focused brand that is still socially conscious. Every year, the organization spends a significant amount of money on design and technology to boost its e-commerce as well as cloud companies. Although it is an extremely profitable business, it also is a socially responsible business that emphasizes CSR and conservation. In today's climate, becoming environmentally conscious is vital for every major company. Being concerned about the environment will help them project a positive picture while still controlling costs or energy. Being socially conscious or contributing back to the society, but at the other hand, will help a company's brand brand equity. Amazon, like the majority of its rivals, is centered on sustainability management (Singh, 2019).

Products and Services

Amazon might be categorized like a multi-sided platform or MSP, offering products, technologies and services that links diverse sorts of customers to each other. Becoming a MSP has been a steady, yet very effective policy. Amazon improved its innovative approach of vending books online through expanding into several other commercial segments. Amazon began selling digital content in June 1998, the first move from outside books. Four years later, in July 2002, Amazon began providing website design services, marking the company's first foray into the tech industry. Amazon Fresh, Amazon's grocery delivery service, introduced in August of 2007. Soon after, Amazon launched the Tablet, a tool targeted at winning the electronic publishing industry. 12 Now, Amazon's market range covers internet retailing, Amazon Digital Services, Apple Ipad, as well as Cloud Storage Push, among other items. Several other businesses are owned by the family, including IMDb,, and woot! As well as A9.

Amazon's popularity is largely due to ambitious expansion tactics, which have frequently involved acquisitions. In 1998, Amazon bought PlanetAll, Bookpages, and Junglee just 5 years after they were created. In following years, the purchases began. Amazon bought Zappos in 2009, a shoe-selling company that coincided so well with Amazon's client attitude that it now operates independently underneath the Amazon banner. In November 2010, Amazon acquired in an attempt to be a manufacturer of household essentials. Jeff Bezos' complicated business, on the other hand, comes down to his simplistic idea of "producing and selling things to consumers"  (Taubin, 2015). 

Scope and size of operations

Since it started as an online retailer, developed into an online supermarket, as well as eventually began introducing its own technologies, like AWS as well as the Kindle, Amazon has a very wide variety of items. Another option provided by Amazon is Amazon Premium, which is a subscription model. Customers who subscribe to Prime Video will get free two-day delivery on virtually everything they order from the brand. The famous Amazon Prime video service is included in subscription, which originated as just a way for users to watch videos digitally rather than buying them but has developed into Amazon making their original content via Universal Pictures.

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