The project in Java or C/C++

computer science


CNT5106C Project Description

Project Overview

In this project, you are asked to write a P2P file-sharing software similar to BitTorrent.

You can complete the project in Java or C/C++. There will be no extra credit for


BitTorrent is a popular P2P protocol for file distribution. Among its interesting features,

you are asked to implement the choking-unchoking mechanism which is one of the most

important features of BitTorrent. In the following Protocol Description section, you can

read the protocol description, which has been modified a little bit from the original

BitTorrent protocol. After reading the protocol description carefully, you must follow

the implementation specifics shown in the Implementation Specifics section.

Protocol Description

This section outlines the protocol used to establish the file management operations

between peers. All operations are assumed to be implemented using a reliable transport

protocol (i.e. TCP). The interaction between two peers is symmetrical: Messages sent

in both directions look the same.

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