The project you propose should demonstrate your understanding of the coding concepts and skills developed throughout this trimester in a responsive context.




In this assignment you will individually create a proposal for a responsive web project using responsive web platform such as Vue (HTML+CSS+JS). In Assignment 3 you will build on your project proposal, so you should use the Assignment 3 (Unit Guide) to inform your decisions on this proposal and investigate the project and their essentials.

The project you propose should demonstrate your understanding of the coding concepts and skills developed throughout this trimester in a responsive context. The proposed project may involve implementing algorithms and coding to create a realistic system. You are free to design and think of imaginative behaviours and actions for the responsiveness in your plan that satisfy the requirements below in a creative manner.

The project should demonstrate the use of multiple components, composition, reusability, transitions, rendering, scaling up and animations in a larger system of both autonomous and interactive web-based application. The purpose and format of your project is up to you. For example, you may choose to focus on a realistic simulation, a game-like experience, a virtual toy, a digital performance, etc. The unit staff will be happy to hear your ideas and provide feedback.


1. Proposal Document

You will create a proposal document of no more than 2000 words to describe and explain the following information clearly and concisely:

       Summary of the intended product.

       Asset list table of the components and pages you will use in your project scene. This should include some statistical details or labels to indicate how they will be used in the project (e.g., quantity or each, static or moving, responsive, interactive or passive). Assets should be selected from the components available in the Vue (HTML,CSS, JS).

       Product purpose, which should include: o Target audience identifying the intended users of your product and why it would appeal to them.

o Reasoning of how your project demonstrates creativity in its design and will provide something new, unexpected or entertaining for the viewer / user.

       Explanation of at least 3 complex components in depth and user stories, UX/UI design of how this will be created. This may include an explanation of which of the required “Coding Concepts” will be used for each.

       Summary of how the web system will function as a cohesive whole and its feasibility to create within the allocated time. This should be supported by diagrams, charts, risk analysis etc that may help explain your system as easily as possible.

2. HTML/CSS Proof-of-Concept

Choose one component to be used in your project and demonstrate some aspects of the intended behaviour by creating a proof-of-concept of the functionality using Vue. This should demonstrate at least HTML and CSS in a detailed functional form with clear commenting. 

This will demonstrate your understanding of the transferability of coding concepts between User stories, UX/UI plans (blueprints/flowcharts), written code (HTML/CSS) and eventual Vue Blueprints integration for Assignment 2.


You must submit the files to the Assignment 1 and your submission must include:

1.      Project Proposal document doc/pdf file

2.      Proof of concept as a webpage.

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