The Role of Information Management Standards and JCAHO



Midterm Paper should be 3-5 pages.

Papers need to have 1-3 outside references.

Papers must adhere to APA guidelines.

Please make sure to identify a primary thesis statement.

Make sure that your paper has an organized flow and structure which clearly relates to the field of Computers & Technology.

You may choose ANY topic covered in the Digital Planet textbook (or another related topic of your choosing with approval from the course insrtuctor). 

A partial list of possible papers includes: artificial intelligence/robots, copyright infringement, cyber-security, cyber-warfare, online gambling, impact of social media, online privacy, Google and China, and the Google Book Library project. 

Many of you are majoring in a health care related field. You could pick something that you would like to know more about related to healthcare and technology...

For Example: You could look at how the Internet has impacted the delivery of healthcare services. Come up with a basic thesis to your paper. Maybe introduce the topic from the stance of a certain hypothesis... such as... Upon initial examination it seems like the Internet has had a negative impact on the delivery of healthcare. Then look for empirical-based research articles to determine some findings... perhaps looking at it from the perspective of the provider and the perspective of the patient. What are some of the benefits and limitations identified in the literature. Then include your own view point on the topic and some concluding ideas and concepts for the future. 

Just start looking at topics of interest and see what themes arise.

Some computers & healthcare related topics which you are welcome to write about are listed below:

Technology and Healthcare

Healthcare Providers and Technological Literacy

The Role of Patient Privacy and Technology

Protecting Medical Privacy

Standardizing Clinical Software

Unified Medical Language Systems

Changes in Healthcare Payment Methods

The Internet and Healthcare Providers

The Internet and Healthcare Consumers

Benefits and Limitations of Electronic Health Records

Emerging Technologies (i.e., Digital Imaging, PDAs, Voice Recognition Software, Bar Coding, etc.)

Disastser Planning and Hospital Computer System Security


Using Technology to Improve Quality and Reduce Risks

Telehealth and Telemedicine

The Role of Information Management Standards and JCAHO

Health Technology Outsourcing

Insurance Companies and Electronic Health Claims/Billing

Health Organizations and Billing

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