The role of technology in how the media is organized as a business and how information is presented to the public.



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We have examined the role of technology in how the media is organized as a business and how information is presented to the public. As media content evolved from local printing presses to national newspapers, to radio and television, and finally to the Internet, media businesses (for the most part) created certain rules and codes of conduct that attempted to balance profit-seeking with fulfilling the public interest (reporting on government, powerful interests, etc). With the rise of social media and the migration of most advertising money to the Internet, many of these “old media” business models are failing. It remains unclear even today what ‘new media’ model will evolve and how it can protect or harm the public interest.

Comparing what we’ve learned about Old Media and what we have learned about New Media, do you think one is better than the other as a gatekeeper of information necessary for the public interest? Think about where Old Media succeeded in exposing government misdeeds and think about where it failed to do so (or where it actively mislead the public.) Think about how New Media has done both as well.  Think about how they interact and if they are a form of checks and balance on each other.

Materials :

Media and 9/11: 

Media and Terrorism

Media Would have Covered 9/11 Differently Today

How Social Media would have Changed NY on 9/11

Facebook Promotes Fake Story on 9/11

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