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"WHAT TO WRITE" (CONTENT): When writing about leadership, always think "Mission & Morale". No different in WWII than in Hurricane Katrina. Is the mission being accomplished? No, then why not? Are the men, people, employees happy? No, then why not? What can be done or was done to turn those events around. Omnipotent leadership style identifies the problems and makes things happen through motivating the execution. Symbolic leadership points the finger and blames others for self-failures. Motivating the execution is identifying what needs to happen then making it happen. Here are some general tips on "HOW TO WRITE" (GRAMMAR): Every sentence has to flow into the next sentence. I see a lot of jumping around in your writing structures. "Businesses need successful leaders. Businesses need to grow into global companies. Leadership styles like omnipotent and symbolic are two ways for leaders to lead people." Here are 3 sentences that each make good sense but do not belong in the same paragraph because they are each different thoughts. 

A paragraph is one complete thought. here are some general tips on "HOW TO FORMAT" (APA): Introduction - General comments of what the paper will be about. Introduce the paper, not the subject! Don't start off talking about how important leadership is to the world. Introduce me to the paper! Introduce me to the four characters and the two leadership styles. No facts! Body - Start writing about the four characters and the two leadership styles. Write comparisons and contrasts and each of the styles. How and what made them effective. Think "Mission and Morale". Introduce facts in this sections. Add additional research that support your claims. Add all the facts and arguments here! Conclusion - Recap and summarize all the key points you made in the paper's body. Don't add new facts or introduce new evidence. Sell the points you already made in stronger words. "Omnipotent leadership lends itself to getting things done without excuses. Leaders who hold themselves accountable take on the responsibility of identifying what needs to get done to accomplish the job and they execute those tasks to completion..." Remember, before you can draft, you need to make an outline (plan). Add cover page Introduction - Describe four characters and two styles in general terms, no facts. Add thesis statement as the last sentence. Body - General Savage - omnipotent - mission - morale Colonel Davenport - symbolic - mission - morale General Honore - omnipotent - mission - morale Mr. Brown - symbolic - mission - morale Add supporting research - facts on mission, facts on morale, facts on omnipotent, facts on symbolic Conclusion - Summarize all four characters and two styles Add reference page

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