This project is to be done in groups of maximum 2 students. You must choose your partner from any of your instructor sections.



1. This project is to be done in groups of maximum 2 students. You must choose your partner from any of your instructor sections. Name your Group as 55555555_66666666 The 55555555 and 66666666 are the person numbers for partners 1 and 2, respectively. 

2. Each group must fill in and submit the file Group_Info.xlsx to UBlearns no later than 3/28/20 at 11:59 pm. 

3. Each partner individually must submit a peer review at the beginning of the project report that shows the contribution to every section of the project in percent. However, each partner is fully responsible for every part of the project. Partners may be randomly selected to be tested in person on their understanding of each section of the project. 

4. Every group must submit only one zipped file per group named as that contains all m-files, txt files and a pdf of your report. See the submission instructions at the end of this document. The zip file must be uploaded to UBlearns by any of the partners before 11:59 PM on the due date shown above (Do Not include in your zip file any files ending in “.m~”, “.sav” or “.mat”.) 

5. You must save your m-files in addition to any data file with the exact names as in the text of this assignment in your EAS230S20_PP_GroupName folder before zipping. 

6. Your project final report must have all sections shown in the template on UBlearns. Be sure to write the group name, the partners’ names, the person number and the lab section of each partner on the cover page of the final report. 

7. You must write your own code and follow all instructions to get full credit. You are not allowed to use codes or scripts found on the internet or any other references.

8. You must use good programming practices, including indentation, commenting your functions and scripts and choosing meaningful variable names to make your programs self-documenting. 

9. It is your responsibility to make sure that your functions/scripts work properly and are free from errors by utilizing the resources at your disposal. Files not running may get a grade of zero

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