This training method helps a large number of employees, it’s a more easy and effective method. More quickly, a short time and low cost for conduct this method




1.1 Domino’s Pizza (MNC): Domino’s Pizza (MNC): Domino’s pizza is a well-known pizza shop in the world. They have lots of branches in the world. Last year’s open in Bangladesh with 2 branches. They have lots of pizza item’s and other food available to their shop  (Domino's, 2020)

1.2 Pizza Inn (Local): Pizza Inn (Local): Pizza Inn is one of the most famous, good, reward pizza shops in Bangladesh. It’s a local Bangladesh pizza shop. It has 7 branches in Dhaka city. There are many types of pizza, pasta, and other food available in their shop. (Pizza inn, 2020)

2.1  Objective Of reports

·         Find out Domino’s Pizza (MNC) & Pizza Inn (Local) employee’s development  for appropriate  training method

·         Find out Domino’s Pizza (MNC) & Pizza Inn (Local) employee’s Performance Appraising Techniques for evaluating employees’ performance.


Training method

3.1 Domino’s Pizza (MNC) training methods:

·         Lecturer

·         Demonstration

·         eLearning                                                                                                                   (Uddin, 2020)

3.1.1 Lecturer is the most common training method for employee’s development. Lecture method has 3 types:

·         Straight Lecture ( directly deliver lecture one way)

·         Lecturette ( deliver a lecture and also take feedback)

·         Discussion ( deliver a lecture after that discuss based on a topic)                  (Uddin, 2020)

This training method helps a large number of employees, it’s a more easy and effective method. More quickly, a short time and low cost for conduct this method. A trainer can easily deliver their lecture and take feedback, group discussion with trainees.

On the other hand lecture training has some lacking, as a trainee would be bored, cannot possibly evaluate all trainees.

3.1.2 Demonstration is the oldest method of training. The demonstration is combined with lectures by slideshow, videography, picture, audio, presentation. That helps to develop trainee skills and knowledge. 

This training method helps Domino’s Pizza (MNC) employee’s to understand their skills, activities, knowledge. Visual training is more effective for trainees. Also, the trainer provides some tips and advice that’s help trainees.    (demonstration, 2020)

Demonstration training method for required computer, projector, and other equipment; it’s a costly method, more times need than lecture. It’s hard to monitor all peoples.

3.1.3 ELearning based on tests, courses, and online videos to provide employee training. Employees can join this training section on their hand smartphone or company computers or personal laptop.

It is the very easiest training method for a large number of employees, particularly for employees who have high turnover rates. Long-range employees also join this training section from anywhere. It’s very comfortable, easy, fun, effective, tests, videos, and other tools or techniques using to implement this method. It helps Domino’s Pizza (MNC) employees because directly the head office can easily take this training method from the main office and the training quality and advantages huge for employees.

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