Topics & Guidelines for your classification essay.



Topics & Guidelines for your classification essay.

The following apply to all topics.

Structure—Five paragraphs, including intro, three main body, and concluding paragraph.

Point of view (don’t confuse with position)—First person (I, in my view, etc.) OR third person (no I, in my view, anywhere in your essay). Be consistent.

Sources--- No secondary sources required, but if you decide to use them, document them on a separate Works Cited page, using MLA documentation format.

Use font 12 and PDF. Essays submitted on Word will be automatically deducted 5%.


Using classification, discuss stereotypes (descriptive and/or prescriptive) based on the degree of harm they cause (or caused) to individuals and/or entire groups. Your discussion might move from the most potentially dangerous or toxic stereotypes to the ones that, although unpleasant, are relatively benign. Clearly define a stereotype in your intro and formulate a thesis at the end of your inro.

Using classification, discuss how different countries responded to the Covid pandemic. Your unifying basis for your classification will be the relative success (or lack thereof) of their response. You need to define the nature of said success.(See my comments in my previous attachment on classification). You can also use the essay by Anne Appelbaum featured in the last week’s readings. 

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