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This assignment contains high matches to the following material:

I’ve also included many comments below to help you make additions to Part 2 of the project.

You are off to a good start, but need to include more detail. Make sure to include a toy

description and all of your answer should be at least 3-5 sentences long.

Please remember that plagiarism is taking any part of a published piece of work without using quotation

marks around direct quotations and using that as though it is your own work, whether this is the result

of accident and oversight, or the attempt to deliberately pass unoriginal work off as your own. This also

applies even to those sections where you might change the wording slightly or periodically interject

personal comments.

Plagiarism is unacceptable at Penn Foster as it is at any other educational institution. Indeed, plagiarism

is illegal as well as unethical. I wish to remind you of the expectation to which we hold all Penn Foster

students. Per your Student Handbook, students are expected to conduct themselves with the highest

academic and ethical standards. Failure to do so results in disciplinary action. For more information on

how to avoid plagiarism, 

You will need to submit a new exam that meets the requirements provided in your lesson materials.

Please note, your next submission will be graded. If we should receive another assignment from you

where any portion is plagiarized, then a grade of 1% will be posted as your final grade for this exam.

Please contact us with any questions that you have as we want to ensure that you properly

understand the requirements in order to earn a passing grade on it and thereby achieve your

the goal of furthering your education.

It is important that you submit the required retake assignment to the school with this form. If submitting

your retake online, copy and paste this form as the first page of the document containing your project.

If you do not include this form, ten additional points may be deducted from your retake score.

We look forward to your submission.


Your Penn Foster Instructor

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