Traffic Light Control System using Microcontroller

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Traffic Light Control System using Microcontroller


These days, controlling the basic traffic gets to be significant issue on account of

quick increment in cars furthermore due to substantial time delays between vehicle traffic

lights. Along these lines, keeping in mind the end goal to amend this issue, we will go for

thickness based activity lights framework. This proposed paper discloses you how to control

the present traffic in view of traffic density measure. In the particular system, we will utilize

IR sensors to gauge the traffic pattern. We need to orchestrate one IR sensor for every street;

these sensors dependably sense the activity on that specific street. Every single of these

sensors are interfaced to the micro-controller. In view of these sensors, controller

distinguishes the movement of the traffic and controls the framework. In the paper we

concentrated on the streamlining of traffic movement light controller in a city utilizing micro-

controller. Consequently we recommend the numerous movement light control and checking

framework. The traffic control system efforts to diminish potential outcomes of congested

roads, brought on by activity lights, to a degree. The system we will going to discuss in the

paper depends on working operation of the micro-controller.

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