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1. Display, "Chapters 1-3 Test" in the browser Title Bar.

2. Use the sample page as a wireframe and insert the appropriate HTML5 structural tags on the


3. Use one of the heading tags to display, "Visiting Paris" on your page.

a. Display it in the appropriate structural tag. b. Center this heading using any method you would like.

4. Add the following content in the appropriate HTML5 tags for the main area of content on a page: a. Add a paragraph about why someone might want to visit Paris.

i. Use inline CSS to double space the sentences. ii. Be sure you have enough text in the paragraph to see that the double spacing

works. b. Add the heading, "Paris Attractions" to the page.

i. Use embedded CSS and RGB (not a color name) to make this heading text red.

Do this so other headings you may later add to the page will not be red.

ii. Use embedded CSS (not a tag) to italicize the word "Attractions". C. Insert a description list that lists, then describes, two of the attractions in Paris. d. Add an absolute link to a page in Wikipedia about Paris.

i. The text to be displayed and hyperlinked should be “More about Paris." e. Add two blank lines to the page.

5. In the footer area of the page:

a. Display today's date and your name. b. Use HTML tags to emphasize your name C. Hyperlink your name to your UD email address. d. Place two spaces between the date and your name.

6. With one embedded CSS style, code the header and the footer sections to have a yellow



Center the content on the page.

a. Add a light blue background to the content.

Be sure your code is nicely structured.

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