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Reply 1,

I believe that there are many variables that affect the success of a union. The size, location and

work place dynamics would affect it in many ways. Where I work if there were fewer workers I

believe there would not be so many rules governing the union. There is also the factor of

determining breaks, union dues, and the amenities that the union may employ in order to

persuade an individual to join the union. There are many aspects that would encourage an

individual to want to be a part of the majority, if the majority were a part of the union. It is all of

these aspects put together that would entice an employee to want to join a union.

There should never be a situation where the relationship between employer and employee is

adversarial, and if so a union should not come of this or there would surely be turmoil between

the two. There is bound to be situations when there is a strife between the two but the situation

should most likely be able to be worked out in an amicable manner. If there cannot be resolution

between the two and a union is formed because of this turmoil, I believe there will always be

issues between the employer and employee no matter what terms the union may come to. I

believe an employer would welcome a union as long as the union was formed under amicable

terms. Anything formed under distress is bound to become unsuccessful.

Reply 2,

There are so many factors that weigh in when a union is beginning to form and whether or not it

will be successful. Besides popular vote, I believe size of the organization is another big

determining factor. For a smaller organization with less than 20 employees, a union most likely

will not be successful. For bigger organizations, I believe unions are more likely to work out

because there are more members that the union will be representing. If there are only a couple

employees concerned about wages or benefits, not much will change. If there are hundreds or

more that are unsatisfied, then the union if more likely to be successful and weigh in to help

bargain with the employer. 

I don't believe unions always start because of the relationship being adversarial. Although that is

a big factor with some. Some organizations may be trying to help their employees but are unsure

of how to go about it. If most of the employees value a better benefits package over increase in

wage, and the employer is unaware of their wants or needs, the employer will be unable to make

necessary changes. Whereas if there is a union, the union rep will be the spokesperson to inform

the employer what the wants and needs of its employees are and therefore they can work together

to make something happen. I think if a company really wants to take care of its people and their

needs, they would welcome a union.

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