You must watch the W4 Now What? video in the 'Required Excersises' folder in order to answer this discussion question.



Time to Decide

ImportantYou must watch the W4 Now What? video in the 'Required Excersises' folder in order to answer this discussion question.

Imagine being part of a group with three other coworkers trying to make a decision about whether to discontinue funding an underperforming product. The group has been working together on the product line for three years , but the product is clearly a failure. When you start to question where the decision is headed you are called disloyal and told to go with the team and give the product more time . One of the team members calls for a final vote on the group’s decision, which appears to be to continue funding a clearly awful and doomed-to-fail product. Watch the “Now What?” video and discuss the following questions:

  • Is this decision a programmed or non-programmed decision and what is the basis for your answer?
  • How is groupthink and stereotyping illustrated in these videos?
  • Would a rational decision-making approach work? Why or why not
  • As a manager, how else might you handle this situation? Please provide 1-2 examples to support your viewpoints that other learners will be able to assess and debate within our weekly discussion forum.

Read the posts of at least two other learners and provide two responses. In your responses, challenge or support your peers’ explanations and justifications for their decision-making approach.

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