Warehouse Management System



create a warehouse management system Requirements Analysis. The directions are attached and an example. 

Warehouse Management System

Project Deliverables

The project requires students to perform three phases: (a)

requirements analysis, (b) system and database design, and (c) a

project plan.

The following layout format covering a title page and all three

phases is recommended for the project.

Title page (project name, author, and date)

Phase 1: Requirement analysis

A. Problem definition

B. Issues

C. Objectives

D. Requirements

E. Constraints

F. Description of the proposed system

G. Logical model design

1. Data flow diagrams

 Context diagram

 Diagram 0

o Diagram 1 (Diagram 1 is optional)

 Descriptions of processes in each diagram

2. Descriptions of outputs/inputs/performance/security or


H. Specific requirements, if any (interface, operational,

resource, performance, etc.)

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