We are planning to make a website. This is going to be a dynamic website. We will be interacting with people. We want this web site to write a new chapter in social media sites.

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We are planning to make a website. This is going to be a dynamic website. We will be interacting with people. We want this web site to write a new chapter in social media sites.

In this site anyone could express them selves without being judged. People will be able to express themselves with videos, songs, speeches, images and drawings.

If they are scared to express their opinion due to any reason, they can be anonymous.

A person who would like to signup for this website can sign up in two ways. First one is that they can sign up to express their opinions and emotions as a user. Second one is that you can sign up as a helper.

If someone would like to join to the website as a helper, they would have provided their qualifications to be a helper. For an example if you’re a doctor you would have to provide your degree qualifications. Helpers can join after they are verified.

Only helpers can comment on posts. If helpers use hateful comments users can report them and website will block them.

This website will be designed to calm a depressed mind.

This website will have two categories. One is to express emotions where website will not provide any restriction. The other category is to express opinions. In this category every post that will be posted will be checked. This category will only promote ideas worth spreading.

Helpers can help users to make their dreams a reality or help them to cope with their problems.

Any user can support an opinion by clicking the like button.

Project Objectives

There are so many good and nice people in this world who wants to make a world a better place. We think we can solve major problems in this world if we paid attention to the ideas of people who are facing the problem. We would like to provide a platform for those who has ideas that would make a world a better place

And, there are so many who get depressed when living in this world. There won’t be so many mental health patients if there was a way to express their feelings and emotions. Even if they could post something on social media, they might get humiliated. And no one will go further to provide them with professional support which is needed to cope the problem.

In this website we would like to provide all the support to the people who need it from the people who would like to provide it.

Main objective in making this website is to show the world that good people still exists in this world.


Background and Motivation

Every year about 3025 people commit suicide in Sri Lanka. If someone listened to them for a once, sometimes this might not have happened. People need to express their emotions.

And, People must have the right to express their opinions too. There must be a platform to express the ideas they have to share with the world without being humiliated or judged.


In this website no one will be able to throw hateful comments at each other. Only the people who would like to help can comment. As mentioned above these helpers must be verified.

We are trying to help the depressed individuals. We have not seen any other social media site in Sri Lanka where professionals provide help.

We think this will be a possible solution.

Resource Requirements

·         Visual studio

·         SQL sever


Project Plan



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