We have witnessed where countries that border each other have a terrible relationship hence experiencing wars between them.

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We have witnessed where countries that border each other have a terrible relationship hence experiencing wars between them. On the other hand, there are neighboring countries where one experiences internal conflicts among its citizens as opposed to the neighboring one. A good example is Somaliland. According to surveys, only a few people know that it is independent of central Somalia. However, it is a self-governing region in Somalia. It has been governing itself for almost three decades down the line. The situation is different in central Somalia that has continued to experience security issues for nearly three decades. Somaliland is, however, yet to gain full independence from mainland Somalia. The area has sought freedom since the early 1990s (Felter, 2018).

No foreign country or government recognize Somaliland as a sovereign. However, the natives acknowledge it as a region that is entirely separate from Somalia. Studies show that failure for the area to be known has resulted in it having limited or no access to international markets. Limitation, to the contrary, has not curtailed the region to enhance steady democratic benefits and attract foreign investments, unlike Somalia (Baldo, 2006). Research suggests that Somaliland has a rich and unique history, which has enabled it to be stable unlike chaotic neighboring Somalia. Hence, it is presented with the capability and potential of healthy independence.

According ources, the greatest hindrance to Somaliland gaining full independence is the fear that the region's international recognition of being independent of Somalia would trigger secession movements in other parts of Africa. Despite the above, Somaliland has remained peaceful in conducting its affairs in the end. On the other hand, as observed, Somalia continues to experience turmoil, chaos, and Islamic insurgency for an extended period despite the international intervention that has been advanced to the nation (Kliger, 2010).

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