What are the services you are able to provide to the youth?




  1. Tell me about the project, what is the focus of your study?

The focus of the study is youth interventions from those coming from Guatemala and mexico.

  1. What are the services you are able to provide to the youth?

They go to ES classrooms to reach out to the youth to see what the needs are. Most specifically the Oakland International High School. There are some Mayan Mam interpreters in the school based clinics that are accessible.

  1. How can one access the interpreters?

  •  If they seem as if they don’t speak spanish, they ask if interpreters are needed. Some clinics have interpreters available on site on certain days or they can access interpreters over the phone.

  • Some of the youth choose not to use Mayan Mam interpreters and often reject them. (the reason being for this is because they might be familiarized with the interpreter or they don’t trust them at all if they are not from the same place they come from) there is a large fear of using interpreters. 

  • There are many barriers to interpreters 

  1. Are all the services free? 

  • All school based clinics offer free services (pregnancy planning). California has a large amount of funding for this. Under the Family pact all services like birth control and family planning are covered. If they need other health services, medicine is used. Gateway is used in case they don’t qualify for medical. This is regardless of race, immigration status, and social status. MEDICAL is for anyone under 26. 

  1. Are there mental services offered?
    - all school based clinics offer mental services at the schools. There is also one center in Berkeley that offers higher metal services but they have to comply with data. There is a large funding for mental services but the problem is that there are not enough spanish speaking counselors.

  • There is a problem with the use of mental service coming from the actual users because there is this image that one should solve their problems on their own and not use any other resources. 

  • Another barrier is parent’s don’t allow their children to do anything other than go to school or work. ( there was a study that was in progress such as having group counseling but the problem with this study was that not many were allowed to go anywhere after school)

  1. In order to receive one-on-one services what is the first step they have to do?

  1. Register 

7. What is there to do to be part of this organization?

    1. -Either be a student, some locations offer the siblings to be seen at school based locations as well

8.Do the other 6 programs also offer similar services? If so which ones?

    1. All school based locations, most but hard to hire a therapist, specifically spanish speaking. Other agencies come to the schools

9. If they are undocumented who will guide them in the process of registering if they must do so?

    1. Doesnt matter if you are undocumented or not, they will still see you

Does your service offer Mam Language (in language) services? 

  • Clinica Interpreters hire for in person and over phone, they hire staff that speak . try to schedule appt when interpreter is working

If answer is yes,

How many employees/people speak Mam in your program?

If answer is no,

    1. What language services do you provide?

    2. What is this program’s willingness to incorporate new language service?

    3. What are the accommodations if somebody speaks a different language that isn’t offered?

10. What is the eligibility or criteria to receive these services?

  • Will documentations be required

  • No, it can also be offered to other people to access services, for school bases (like other siblings, other).

  • Famili pack for women, exams pelvic physical, they have medical when pregnant.

11. Do you offer any free services?

  • All services offered are free or they are reduced price on certain occasions.

12. What are the payment options for your services?What is the process of payment for people who do not have insurance or are undocumented? (if services are not provided free of charge)

13. Do you offer mental health services for Mam speaking youth?

    1. Free for students, if they need additional services, they can get gateway which is access to medical for youth under the age of 18

    2. Integrated behavioral health school-based health centers

    3. 125k given to each clinic every year to promise documenting services 

    4. Therapy groups conducted in spanish because no translator that can speak mam for all of the groups

13. If you don’t have someone on site that speaks Mam, do you have access to interpreters from agencies that can come in and translate for the patients?

    1. If answer is no, do you have a language line you can call that can offer a Mam interpreter over the phone for patients?

      1. If answer is yes, how much do they charge the patient or the healthcare site? How many days prior to the patient’s appointment do you have to schedule the interpreter for a phone appointment? A couple of days before the appointment)

      2. How long do they allow you to schedule the interpreter for? 

Must register with la clinica and become a patient 

-(they call language lines in order to get someone to interpret if they cannot access an in-person interpreter)

Services are free

14. How does this clinic face cultural challenges?

  • The clinic tries to perform many studies and learn as much as they can. They try to get speakers to learn about mental health issues ev though it’s harder to learn about this because they might not know terms like depression and anxiety. 

    • What do you do with all the information gathered from the studies?

  • They present it in conferences and currently they are analyzing it and are writing it up. (will be available in the summer)

Non profit law workshops

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