What can you do in the future to prevent or at least mitigate any legal challenges that Joe the janitor may bring to court?

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Activity #4: Submission

Write a 3-4 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page) responding to the prompts below. Please use the APA Sample provided in the Student Resources to complete your assignment. Remember to cite to your sources.

1.       Chapter 17.2     

a. Joe the janitor is recorded on the company security camera one night taking pictures with his cell phone of the office of the CEO after he is done cleaning it. The film is grainy (from repeated use and re-use) and you cannot ascertain what specifically he is taking pictures of. You can see the flash of his cell phone camera going off and you note that the flash is coming from the area directly in front of the CEO’s desk. What will you do and what is your justification for your actions?

b.            What can you do in the future to prevent or at least mitigate any legal challenges that Joe the janitor may bring to court?


2.       List and explain the differences among four different categories of audit trails.


3.       For each of the cybercrimes cited in Table 19.1 in the text book on page 613, indicate whether it falls into the category of computer as target, computer as storage device, or computer as communications tool. In the first case, indicate whether the crime is primarily an attack on data integrity, system integrity, data confidentiality, privacy, or availability? (First list the cybercrime, and then state the category of the computer, then indicate the type of attack.)


4.       Many countries now require organizations that collect personal information to publish a privacy policy detailing how they will handle and use such information. Obtain a copy of the privacy policy for an organization to which you have provided your personal details (You may use any organization but if you are stumped, you may use your bank’s privacy policy). If you can provide a link to the privacy policy as part of your response, that would be great but it is not required. Compare this policy with the lists of principles given in Section 19.3. Does this policy address all of these principles?


5.       What is the difference between a block cipher and a stream cipher?


6.       Explain why the middle portion of 3DES is a decryption rather than an encryption.

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