Information Security Disaster Recovery and Change Management in Healthcare

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Information Security Disaster Recovery and Change Management in Healthcare

Neglecting to implement the proper computer security considerations into disaster recovery planning can make an already critical situation much worse with disastrous setbacks.  Disaster recovery closely parallels computer security operations and practices so that a robust contingency plan can be implemented which manages security threats while maintaining operations and information security mandates.  


To prepare for this Discussion, review the information in the assigned readings and research several external sources from current peer-reviewed references to post your own initial comprehensive response to the following questions based on the Information Security Officer (ISO) role:


The information security team at General Hospital has identified potential threats to both information security and operations and needs a disaster recovery and contingency plan policy.


  • Explain how the BIA supports the disaster recovery and contingency plans for business continuity planning?
  • What change management strategies could you include in your contingency plan?


  • What information security recovery strategies would be implemented at the hospital?


Provide your rationale and evidence from peer-reviewed sources to justify your argument.


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