What did you SEE, HEAR, THINK, FEEL? Include what theme(s) you noticed being addressed by the artists.



2-3 pages double spaced total 

Prompts for each video: 

1. What did you SEE, HEAR, THINK, FEEL? Include what theme(s) you noticed being addressed by the artists.

2. How might you be inspired by this video for your own midterm dance project? Be specific; maybe it’s something about the way the artists combines text/music/movement/video/costumes and/or other elements to make a powerful statement about their theme.

Video Descriptions: 

1. Excerpt from   Amarillo  by Teatro Linda de Sombra, about a man immigrating to the US but who disappears.

2. ABOUT FACE is the first of a 3-part short film series that puts a different spin on the school to prison pipeline and the role of fathers of black and brown children in the disruption of that paradigm. Based on original spoken word poetry by Marc Bamuthi Joseph and directed by YAK Films, ABOUT FACE features choreographer, dancer and actor Drew Dollaz and musical score by Daniel Bernard Roumain.

3. Two excerpts by Sean Dorsey:

a. From “Missing Generations” about survivors of the 1980’s AIDS epidemic.

b. From “Lou” - an award-winning suite of dances based on the lifelong journals of Lou Sullivan (1951-1991), a pioneering transgender activist.

4. Excerpt from The Butterfly Effect by Dance Brigade,  a new-site specific  dance  work that takes on the climate crisis. Created and directed by Krissy Keefer, the title comes from the phenomena that small actions and decisions can have far-reaching consequences.

5. Asobi Tango by NAKA Dance theater - excerpt from review:  "an evolutionary cultural hybrid of tango and contemporary performance to the music of Kodo. The electricity between these dancers was palpably hot and sexual stereotypes wilted in their heat. ”

6. Excerpt from  Joe Goode's solo masterpiece 29 Effeminate Gestures (1987), an illuminating look at stereotypes of masculinity, is considered Goode's signature work. 

Video 1:


Video 2:


Video 3a:


Video 3b:


Video 4:


Video 5:


Video 6:


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