What is pragmatism (Or other ism(s) you are interested in [constructivism, behaviorism, capitalism, idealism, existentialism…..])?



CBSE 2001 Midterm Essay Questions:


  1. What is pragmatism (Or other ism(s) you are interested in [constructivism, behaviorism, capitalism, idealism, existentialism…..])?  What is the rationale behind this school of thought in relation to education?  What is the outlook of pragmatist curriculum for educational theory and practice? What are the main theses of the representative thinker for pragmatism in education (pragmatism, for instance, John Dewey, Charles S. Pierce and William James)?


  1. Cooperative learning (or interdisciplinary curriculum approach) Or 2.1 differentiated instruction in classrooms is another trend influencing what is taught in the schools today.  What strategies (3 and more) you would use for implementing cooperative learning (or interdisciplinary curriculum approach) or differentiated instruction in your future classroom? Please elaborate each strategy you propose.


  1. We live in a diverse society, what would be your approaches to teach ELL students and children with special needs (present four concrete suggestions in dealing with this issue)? Please also elaborate on your proposal.  Or 3.1 what strategies (3 and more) do you propose to teach in a low-achieving class, most English language learners? Please elaborate each strategy you propose.


  1. What is the proper way to prepare for high-stakes, State-mandated tests? (Should you teach to the test? Should you teach test-taking techniques? Should you ignore the test and simply follow the required normal curriculum? What approach can you defend as a proper one?) Please elaborate your answer.  And 4.1 what vision for schools do you have for the future? Consider the characteristic of an ideal school-one that prepare for life in the twenty-first century.

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