What legal considerations (if any) are relevant to this situation? .



Ethical Analysis Framework 

I. Moral Inquiry / Ethical Mapping 

A. What are the facts of the situation?

B. What legal considerations (if any) are relevant to this situation? . 

C. What prudential considerations are relevant to this situation? 

D. What ethical considerations need to be taken into account (i.e., clarify the ethical issue[s])?

II. Options Development and Analysis (Create Alternatives) 

 A. Identify as many morally acceptable options to resolve this situation as possible (3-5 options). 

 B. Analyze the options, and determine which option has the best (i.e., most compelling) moral justification for action (or is most consistent with your own ethical code of conduct). 

 C. Analyze leading candidates for action against other important (prudential) criteria, such as financial consequences, feasibility, strategic results, ability of participants to actually carry out the option, and other criteria deemed useful. 

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