What type of 'operation' does your company operate (ie: storage, production,



4. What type of 'operation' does your company operate (ie: storage, production,

transportation, retail, etc..)?


The Sherwin-Williams Co. basically deals with manufacture and trade of paints and coatings.


Our Store carries out only retail-sales operations to our current and prospective customers.


9. Describe some of the current issues that influence 'product/service design.'


Usually, all the paints in the store comes in the buckets of gallons  they have cylindrical shape and it’s difficult to give in square,rectangular and triangular shape because these shapes have sharp-pointed edges and moreover paints are basically chemicals and there are more chances of getting them damage


14. Describe the 'dimensions of quality' placed upon your products/services, and

the corresponding quality or continuous improvement tools used to meet

these standards.


Dimensions of quality used in products:


Performance:The paint is best in class and its number one brand in the whole world. The sales are very impressive.

Durability: The paints are very durable in the way that they last for 4-5 years and also have very good customer feedback.While durability of cans and buckets are also durable because the cans are made up of steel and the buckets are made up of plastic. Both have very good interlocking mechanisms for their packaging.

Reliability:The cans are very strong and their caps fits properly hence avoiding any leakages.

Aesthetics: Cans are round and circular in shape so that they occupy very less space.Also, they do have handles for safety and easy handling.Lid can be easily opened by can opener and can be re-closed by using hand which makes them easy to use.Pail bucket lid cannot be opened by using hands and they have slots that need to be opened before in order to open its lid.The bucket is very strong and it will not get any damage even after falling onto ground which makes them to have a sturdy design.


Dimensions of quality used in services:


Tangibility: Store is always kept clean and tidy.

Courtesy: Customer service is very exceptional and that is why it is ranked number 1 brand in North America and the whole world.

Convenience: It is very good whenever Do It Yourself (DIY) or painter comes to the store and associates help them to put their items in the car so that the customer will not face any problem and it also saves their precious time.

Timeliness: If there is store truck delivery is always on time and any paint is prepared within 4-5 minutes if there are 4-5 cans but if there are 10 pail buckets then it usually takes approx. 10 minutes.


19. Based upon this report, describe your short-term (Immediate - 5 years)

operations recommendations for this company.

  1. Upgrade current POS (Point-of-Sale) Systems And implement  because they have very outdated MS DOS based software and which makes the systems to freeze a lot of times which in turn reduces our store sales and hence the final revenue and net profit.


  1. Replacement of Paint Shaker machines to the most trending and powerful ones available in the market to deal with large quantities of paint in order to meet the daily demand of ongrowing customers.

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