Applied Project: Union Avoidance Program



Applied Project Directions and Rubric

Final 2: Applied Project: Union Avoidance Program due in Unit 5

Scenario: Union Avoidance Project

You are a Human Resources manager at your organization (or one you choose). At the current time, none

of your employees belongs to a union. However, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a national

union, is attempting to organize your employees. The senior management of your company appears to be

adamantly opposed to the presence of a union at your company and wants to do everything possible to

defeat this union drive, including, if necessary:

 Speaking to individual workers, to let them know what management regards as the dangers of

unionization, including economic harm to the company and possible layoffs.

 Assembling all workers, in large groups, to speak against unionization, and asking all workers to

declare publicly whether they intend to vote for or against the union.

 Making pay changes, both up and down, to certain workers to prove that employees are better off

without a union, and may suffer if they play too active a role in organizing.

Immediately laying off all desk clerks and subcontracting the work to a part‐time labor force.

 Other strategies suggested by your research as well.

Based on these facts, you are to prepare a union avoidance program for the company's senior

management team. This program should:

 Summarize management’s rights during an organizing drive and respond specifically to each of

the possible actions listed above.

 Outline your complete strategy in supporting the company’s position of remaining union-free.

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Project Requirements:

This applied project will be in the form of an 8–10 page paper (excluding title and reference pages) that is

to be based on a realistic project you would create for the company a) you presently work for or b) one

you have worked for in the past or c) one you have chosen.

It should be well‐researched using current resources such as Internet websites, magazines, interviews,

newspapers, and academic journal articles found in the Kaplan library.

Directions for Submitting the Applied Project

Compose your applied project in a Microsoft® Word® document and save it as Username GB541 Unit 5

Final 2.doc (Example: JSmith – GB541 Unit 5 Final 2.doc). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 5: Final 2

Dropbox by the end of Unit 5.


 Begin research on your applied project in Unit 1.

 Continue working on the project in Units 2–5.

 No later than Day 7 of Unit 5: Submit the completed project.

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