Where do I find the auditors for each company?



Spring 2020 Financial Analysis Project

Frequently Asked Questions


·         Do I need to print the entire annual report or 10-K?

 No, just print the financial statements for each company. So, you only need to print four of five pages for each company.  You may need to read other parts of the report, but you can do that online. Most answers come from the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement for this assignment.

·         Do my answers need to be typed into the answer sheet?

Yes and show your workJ

·         Where do I find the auditors for each company?

Check the pages before and after the financial statements and notes.

·         Where do I find Net Credit Sales?

You may use Net Sales

·         Is the Consolidated Statement of Operations the same as the Income Statement?

Yes, different words for the same thing. It can also be called the Statement of Earnings.

·         If a company does not list total liabilities, how do I find that?

You may have to add up the current and non-current liabilities to find the total liabilities.

·         Is cost of revenue the same as cost of goods sold?

Yes, just different terms for the same thing.

·         Is Net Earnings the same as Net Income?

Yes, use the final number, just before the Earnings per Share amounts. The number should have a double underline.

·         What is “Provision for Income Tax”?

Just another word for Income Tax expense.

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