Which of these is part of contingency planning



1. Which of these is part of contingency planning? AIRP BDRP CBCP DAll of the above 2. Which of the following is an access control device? ATwo-factor authentication BUser ID CFirewall DStrong authentication 3. What does HVAC stand for? AHigh Volume Air Conditioning BHeating Ventilation Air Conditioning CHigh Ventilation Air Conditioning DHeating Ventilation Always Conditioned 4. How many types of IDS systems are there? AOne BTwo CThree DFour 5. During an incident, which of the following is not an action that must occur quickly? ANotifying key personnel BRunning to the restroom CAssigning tasks DDocumenting the incident 6. A surplus of water: AIs not a threat BIs good to have on a hot day CPoses a real threat DHelps fill up the swimming pool 7. Which of the following tools cannot be used to exploit wireless networks? ASniffers BJammers CSignal locators DCable taps

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