Why should tourism managers and marketers study the needs and preferences of Chinese travellers?



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Assessment 1:

Individual written assignment – Essay 30%           

Due date and time:  

Friday, 30 August, noon

Submission instructions:

A soft-copy submitted to Turnitin via the link on Blackboard

Turnitin instructions:

Friday, 30 August, noon

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1, 2, 3

Assessment brief:

Why should tou

Why should tourism managers and marketers study the needs and

preferences of Chinese travellers? How could tourism providers

better serve this market?


Analyse and discuss the relevance of theories on Chinese culture for understanding tourist behaviour and its ramifications for tourism suppliers. Provide examples for measures that can be adopted by tourism providers to better serve the Chinese market.


The essay should include an introduction to the topic, a main part that critically analyses the literature, linked with real life examples. The conclusion requires a synthesis that makes explicit the connections between the different theories and a reflection of their implications for tourism managers and marketers.



Recommended reading:

Chang, R. C., Kivela, J., & Mak, A. H. (2010). Food preferences of Chinese tourists. Annals of Tourism Research, 37(4), 989-1011.

Fountain, J., Espiner, S., & Xie, X. (2010). A cultural framing of nature: Chinese tourists' motivations for, expectations of, and satisfaction with, their New Zealand tourist experience. Tourism Review International, 14(2-3), 71-83.

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Sun, M., Zhang, X., & Ryan, C. (2015). Perceiving tourist destination landscapes through Chinese eyes: The case of South Island, New Zealand. Tourism Management, 46, 582-595.




·         2,500 words

·         Correct APA (6th ed.) referencing (a minimum of 10 academic references – more are better)

·         A high standard of English writing is required – edit and proof read your work

·         You may use diagrams and figures to enhance your written work.


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